Beers & Beverages

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Beers & Beverages

PJ McIntyre’s offers a large and varied collection of liquors from around the world. Seasonally inspired cocktails along with PJ’s tried and true classics are prepared with the best possible ingredients by our talented team of bartenders. Ask our staff for our most current selections.

PJ’s Signature Libations

Cherry Limeade
Three Olives Cherry, Three Olives DUDE, sour, 7-Up and a splash of grenadine.

Mango Punch
Three Olives Mango, Three Olives Pomegranate, 7-Up and cranberry.

Kraken Cola
Simple and delicious. The Kraken Black Spiced Rum and cola.

Irish Margarita
A refreshing cocktail of 1800 Silver Tequila with a splash of melon liqueur.

Martini Favorites

Rangtang Throwback
Three Olives Rangtang, 7-Up, sour, orange liqueur, and a blue curacao bottom.

Kamm’s Special
Three Olives Triple Shot Espresso, Vanilla, Irish Cream, and chocolate liqueur.

Naked Martini
Three Olives Naked Vodka, as dirty as you like it… with three olives of course.

Berry Breeze
Three Olives Cherry, Cranberry, Triple Sec, 7-Up and orange juice.

Draught Beer

Bass: Ireland

Bluemoon: USA

Boddington’s: England

Bud Light: USA

Dogfish 60 Minute IPA: USA

Great Lakes Dortmunder Gold: Cleveland, OH, USA

Guinness: Ireland

Harp: Ireland

Hoegaarden: Belgium

Kamm’s Lager: USA

Labatt Blue: Canada

Left Hand Milk Stout: USA

Leinenkugel Summer Shandy: USA

Magners: Ireland

Miller Light: USA

Samuel Adams Summer Ale: USA

Smithwick’s: Ireland

Stella Artois: Belgium

Strongbow: England

Yuengling Black and Tan: USA

Yuengling Lager: USA

Ask your server what we’re pouring!

Bottled Domestic Beer


Bud Light

Bud Light Lime

Bud Light Platinum

Bud Select 55

Coors Light

Michelob Light

Michelob Ultra


MGD 64

Miller Highlife

Miller Lite

Pabst Blue Ribbon

Rolling Rock


Yuengling Light

Bottled Imported Beer

Amstel Light


Corona Light

Dos Equis


Killian’s Irish Red



Sierra Nevada

Malted Beverages

Bud Light Lime-A-Rita

Smirnoff Ice

Smirnoff Raspberry

Twisted Tea

Signature Alcohol Free